- Founder/Owner of Self Rescue Solutions
- Self Rescue Combatives Instructor
- AMOK! Instructor 
- 4Themes Kenpo Combatives Instructor


Koki's journey started in Hawaii, the year was 1988, he was 12 years old. Koki was introduced to the world of martial arts when he attended a Pentjak Silat self-defense class with his mother, taught by Guro Bahati Merchant. 


From 1992-1994 Koki was introduced to Hawaiian Lua and its hidden meaning and application within the ancient dance of Hula Kahiko.  


From 1995-1997, while living in Taiwan, Koki was introduced to Tai-Chi, Chi-Gung, Chin-Na, and Military Gung-Fu.


On his return to Hawaii in 1997, Koki dedicated himself fully to learning the martial arts. In his search for a suitable martial art system, he finally found a home at G&E American Kenpo Jujitsu under the instruction of David Elliott. His training in Kenpo Jujitsu continues with Mr. Elliott to the present day.
In 2001 David Elliott introduced Koki to Tom Sotis, founder of AMOK! Combatives. That introduction changed his life forever. AMOK! indoctrinated him into the world of combatives and an emphasis on the blade. He discovered that AMOK!'s approach did not only create weapon functionalism but also increased his skill in the empty-hand areas. Utilizing the Quick-Skill methodology, his skills improved tremendously. Aside from AMOK!, Sotis also introduced him to the world of Kuntao, Kali, and Silat. 

David Elliott and Koki experienced first hand AMOK!'s ability to transcend different systems to the next level of combative functionality. Therefore, the decision to utilize AMOK!'s methodology in their Kenpo Jujitsu and the outcome was the birth of 4Themes Kenpo Combatives. AMOK! changed their whole outlook on martial arts training. In comparison, using traditional means of training would take many years to become functional. The Quick-Skill methodology reduces that time dramatically. 

Since 2001, Koki has been hosting training groups and spreading the gospel of AMOK! In 2011, Koki was honored when Tom Sotis invited him to be tested and received an AMOK! Instructor certification, licensed by The Sotis Group, LLC. 
In 2013 Self Rescue Solutions was created. It is a representation and culmination of Koki's life experience and works in the martial arts and combatives. Every bit of information accumulated over 25 years, the training in the dojo, seminars, discussions, DVD's, Books, Blogs, and down to the smallest iota of information shared between fellow martial artists and professionals in their field have contributed to its work.
Over the years Koki had the honor and opportunity to cross train and learn from martial artists and great teachers in their respective fields. He continues to develop these friendships and seek to spread the good word of AMOK! whenever possible. Koki is forever grateful to all those who have shared knowledge and is humbled by their generosity and contributions to his growth which will always be remembered and passed on for generations to come. ALOHA and MAHALO!