Q: What does the shield represent? 

The Shield represents an armor and protection against harm and danger. The image on the shield is explained in detail below.

Q: What's the story on the circle and lines in the center of the shield?

The geometric lines and circles represent patterns of motion (inspired by Ed Parkers Universal Pattern), conceptualized in a 3 dimensional sphere. Within this "sphere of motion" one can find the many geometric shapes that correlate with the actions of footwork, striking patterns, body positioning and alignment, eg., figure 8, hour glass, triangles, circles, squares, hearts, X's, crescents, box 8, acute angles, obtuse angles, right angles, etc..

Kenpo and AMOK! have been strong influences in my approach to understanding combat in motion.


Q: What is the significance of the triangles surrounding the sphere?

Triangles are used in the Quick Skill Methodology. Triangles can be seen in the hierarchy of progression from the bottom which is wider at the base and progressively narrows upward to the top. 

The triangles on the perimeter of the sphere represents the learning pattern of Quick Skill Methodology. Most traditional martial arts utilize a linear learning pattern, AMOK! uses a spiral pattern. This is represented by the sphere encircled by the triangles.


These triangles stem from the center of the sphere and travel outward. This represents our emphasis on "Intention." Intention must come from the center, the core (where I hold my values and beliefs) and it must be true and unwavering. Intention drives my action, it is a mindset, it is AMOK!


"The nature of AMOK! training is the exercising of our will (intention), and learning how to impose that will on your opponent."-Tom Sotis


Triangles come to a point, a "tip". These triangles stand on the perimeter or "edge" of the sphere. By utilizing the symbolism of the tip and the edge, the surrounding triangles also represent the influence and importance of AMOK!'s blade work.